Sprint 6 Retrospective

Sprint 6 lasted from April 24th to May 6th. This sprint, my group and I had a main goal to focus on completing a powerpoint of our final project to present to the class on May 15th. Unknowingly, we instead spent most of our class time trying to merge and integrate our project with everybody else’s, which in turn broke some of our features and we never fully completed this integration.

While my teammates worked through those issues, I spent a lot of time trying to merge my completed dropdown button feature on to the main branch. This was also unsuccessful, partly due to merge conflicts since minor fixes and contributions were being pushed at the same time I was trying to push my own changes. My feature has been working on my own local branch for quite some time, in fact it was easier to develop the dropdown button than it was to merge it with everybody else’s project.

Working with professor wurst, I created a new branch that included my feature since attempting to push to the main branch wasn’t working. I tried creating a new folder, pulling the most up to date branch on a clean slate, then rewriting my changes in class which only took me about an hour. This plan was also unfortunately unsuccessful. Ultimately, as the deadline for the end of the sprint drew closer, we had to compromise on some of our more ambitious goals in order to start work on the presentation, which was meant to be the focus of the entire sprint.

I was still able to write about the ins and outs of my dropdown button, and I included screenshots from my local running branch. Thankfully, I believe I will have much to talk about. I will explain in depth some of the code lines and how they tie together with the modules and components necessary to make the whole thing work. I also want to include references to where I got the idea for the dropdown, since I stumbled upon a very helpful website that included HTML sample code for me to modify and trim down to fit our projects needs. I lastly will talk about how our work can be improved in the future. Our project contains a lot of filler text and our buttons don’t do much besides display text on the screen. To fit more specific needs, the text can easily be changed and more functions in the HTML can be added without necessarily changing the buttons around. Some ideas would be displaying various messages, videos, or information otherwise that would fit a more specific need depending on who will actually be using the app. Ill include a link to the presentation below this paragraph.


Overall I think we will get a good grade on the project, on our presentation, and on the class as a whole. I enjoyed this class more so than some of the others I took this semester, and I feel that I had more motivation to put in more effort into this class than some of the others.


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