Sprint 4 Retrospective

Sprint four lasted from March 27th to April 8th. I was sick for the first class, but it wasnt hard to catch up on what the rest of the team was planning for the rest of the sprint. By the end of it, we’ve made a lot of progress, our group currently has a working prototype for our final presentation. After this sprint, or the next, we should be able to focus more on putting our presentation together since our project will likely be working and polished by then.

Recently we’ve brainstormed a list of improvement ideas to work on, polishing the project while we still have time. Some of the improvements include changing the header colors around, making the words bigger and easier to read, adding more buttons, and doing more with the title on the page. Many of these features are quick fixes, typically each one will take less than an hour. This sprint is likely going to change dynamically as we think of good ideas or quick changes.

We decided not to implement a login feature, or rather, it has a low priority and we will do it last if we have extra time on our hands. Additionally, the way we divide up work will be different than described in my last retrospective. Each button in the navbar is more of a placeholder, not exactly designed to perform a specific task other than change the text in the middle of the screen. Instead, each member will be given minor to moderate tasks to complete like the ones we planned out in our last class.

First we made sure to download the required angular material, our group member quoc took the liberty of creating a skeleton project and pushing it to gitlab. We all downloaded the skeleton, and have since made improvements on the style and layout of our navigation bar. Of the features we brainstormed, in class we quickly completed centering the text, which makes it much easier to read. Currently, we are also quickly working on changing the color values, which will also be completed soon.

My role in the group is to figure out how to have a nested button within one or multiple side bar buttons. The idea is that we could have a category named button that also works as a drop down bar, offering a few different buttons based on the category. My assignment seems not difficult, but also not as easy as changing color values, which is why some group members have multiple low effort tasks while I only have one moderate effort task.

Completing this by the end of the next sprint, along with everybody else’s contributions, results in a very usable product for our final presentation. To accomplish this, two tutorial videos were posted to the team backlog on github which each group member is assigned to complete as homework, though ideally the videos will help shorten the amount of time our contributions will take. I’ve linked both tutorial videos below:


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