Sprint 3 Retrospective

Sprint three lasted a week longer than the other sprints due to spring break, resulting in a lot more work getting done compared to other sprints. Starting on March 6 until March 26, in our sprint backlog we planned on covering some posted videos and coming up with things to do as we went along.

The videos were posted in a slack channel by the owner of the AMPATH project, Gregory Schmidt. Greg commentated a walk through of what the app should look like, helping us get familiar with the various stages of the user interface. This also helped us understand what was being done on the backend when searching for patients or clicking on a patient profile. Greg also posted a shell of the project using a site called zeplin, which we all signed up for to view gregs content.

Once our research was done, we decided to clean up the backlog process a bit by moving everything we had on trello to a github project. The layout of both sites is similar and easy to transition to, we just copied and pasted the relevant planning information. Each team in the class picked a certain feature of the app to work on, we chose to tackle the navbar functions.

Since each member watched the youtube videos, we added a few things to our ongoing tasks while we moved them to github. Since our project is a mobile angular program, we found a link (provided below) with a lot of useful information. The site includes examples of how to get started on our navbar, we added that task to our planning board and aim to make a lot of progress towards a built prototype during the next sprint.


In our last meeting, our group brainstormed some ideas of what our navbar would look like, what it will do, and who will be using it. Currently we only have a few sketches, but it seems like we’ve decided for sure that we are going to include a home button and a sign in button. We discussed each group member working on at least one button, therefore we would have 5-10 buttons and the work is evenly distributed. One concern of mine is thinking of that many buttons to develop, the project seems not complicated enough to warrant that much work.

The home button is a simple starting point, it simply takes the user to the upper most page. The sign in button idea is still a work in progress, but hypothetically it should prompt the user for some information and filter a list with data pertaining to that user. In the hands of doctors or clinicians, this would display patients names with an appointment date and the condition of the patient.

Further ideas revolve around the concept of filtering down a patient list based on specified parameters, however this idea is still foggy and might not come to fruition. The same function could be done by searching for a patients name in the search bar, a component taken by another team. We still have time though, and we are fairly ahead of schedule considering the remaining work load of the project. By the end of the semester, the 15th of may, we should have a working navbar with multiple useful buttons on it.


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