Sprint 2 Retrospective

This reflection is based on the work done from 2/20 to now, 3/5. In this time, our team has only met two times and I missed one of those meetings, so not a whole lot actually got done together during sprint two. We met in class and made progress on 2/20, I was absent from the meeting on 2/25. On 2/27, class was expectedly canceled with the optional choice to meet in class anyway, which we decided against. We figured we could wrap up anything that we needed to work on in the upcoming Monday’s class. Yesterday, on 3/4, Worcester State canceled all classes and events due to inclement weather, and the end of the sprint is next class at 3/5.

Our workload was fairly light anyway, we only had two sprint backlog tasks; make sure every team member could build and run the project, and learn more about angular testing. We could independently conduct research into testing, and we are encouraged to branch out to find potentially helpful content, so the snow day didn’t slow us down significantly.

To study angular testing, our group particularly focused on the two programs karma and protractor. Using the trello project management board we set up in the last sprint, two links were shared for the group to look over. For karma, I used the following link:


This website explains in general terms how karma works. It loads multiple browsers and tests given code on each one, displaying the results conveniently to the developer. We will have to practice hands on with karma once we get some code and tests. For protractor, we used the following link:


All the information on protractors site is very hands on and literal. It explains steps and shows exact commands and lines for example, it should be easily set up and modified to our project. Since we downloaded the latest version of node.js in the last sprint, and have experience using npm, protractor will be a useful resource.

Our more major goal for sprint two was to have every member a working build of the AMPATH project in an IDE of choice. Right now, everybody besides me has a running project since I missed the last meeting. I will need to communicate with them for help troubleshooting and follow the same steps they took the next time we are all in class together.

At the same time, during our next meeting we will be planning for sprint three. We don’t have much on our plate currently since we’ve been making pretty good progress so far, so I’m not sure what to expect for sprint three. I think Professor Wurst will be giving us more concrete things to do, which we can add to our trello board.

We’ve also been keeping up to date on slack, every group member answers automatic check-ins two times a week. This keeps us all updated on what we’ve done since the last check in, what we are planning to do before the next check in, and state any obstacles blocking our progress.


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